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Dr. Kristin Moon of Kristin Moon Science
Dr. Kristin Moon

I have always had a passion for learning and discovery.

As an undergraduate at the University of Florida, I began taking classes in General Biology and Microbiology.  As I learned  about the complexity of our world at a cellular level, it ignited a lifelong passion for studying the field of molecular biology.  I went on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Microbiology followed by a PhD in Molecular Genetics. After graduate school I worked briefly in research designing a viral  delivery system for therapies directing drug delivery for patients losing their sight due to macular degeneration.  It was during my time  in the lab that I discovered my affinity for teaching.

These experiences lead to my decision to pursue opportunities that allowed me to focus on teaching science and sharing my knowledge with others.  I have been a full-time educator for over 20 years and truly derive joy from helping others understand the processes that govern our natural world.  I realize that for students to get excited about learning science, the material must be presented in a more readily -digestible format than what is typically found in most textbooks. I began developing courses which focus on taking complex scientific principles and simplifying them to make learning easier.   My goal is to teach science in ways that are fun, memorable, and easy to understand.  Whether you are a student in a home-school, public or private school, or if you are someone just looking to increase your science knowledge, we hope you’ll find our content engaging and informative.

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I share tools and resources to help you understand and teach science.

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