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Want to know the BEST science curriculum?

The BEST science curriculum is the one that gets your student excited about learning science.

Science is a discipline of exploration and wonder. If your student is bored with science, it’s not the science that is boring: it’s the way it is presented.

If you’re looking for exciting, online science classes taught by a passionate teacher, look no further.

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Online Classes at True North Homeschool Academy

Math Skills for Chemistry Summer Class

This summer, I’m again offering a 6 week summer session devoted to the math skills kids need to succeed in chemistry.

In my MANY years of teaching chemistry, I can confidently say without reservation that it’s not the chemistry students struggle with in chemistry class, it’s the MATH.

Students who have covered these skills (like rounding up) in math class may have a hard time applying these same skills in chemistry.

Because I want students to have fun in my chemistry class without struggling with the math, I offer this class over the summer so they can feel confident undertaking the year-long class.

In the summer session, we meet once a week for an hour-long, online, interactive class. Each week, we will focus on ONE math skill students will use in chemistry.

Topics we will cover in the summer session:

  • significant digits
  • scientific notation
  • using a scientific calculator
  • rearranging algebraic formulas
  • understanding and working with exponents
  • unit conversions

Students don’t have to be taking my year-long chemistry class to take the summer class. It’s open to ANY student taking ANY chemistry course as the topics we will study are universally used in all high school chem courses.

My current chemistry students who took last year’s summer math skills for chemistry class are all now ACING high school chemistry.

You can register for this 6 week Math Skills for Chemistry class which runs from Wednesday, June 7 through Wednesday, July 12 here: Math Skills for Chemistry Summer Class

I will be teaching FOUR online high school classes at True North Homeschool Academy for the 2023/2024 school year:

Biology (with optional honors track)

Chemistry (with optional honors track)

Anatomy and Physiology


This year, I am adding PHYSICS to round out my online science classes. You can find information about this class here: High School Physics

I will meet with students once a week for a live virtual class, and students complete projects, labs, and homework assignments during the week


You can find more information about the classes and register here: High School Biology at True North Homeschool Academy, High School Chemistry at True North Homeschool Academy, High School Anatomy and Physiology at True North Homeschool Academy, High School Physics at True North Homeschool Academy.

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How I Handle Origins

In order to serve the largest population of students, I do my best to teach concepts from a neutral worldview.  In my True North Homeschool Academy biology class, we do spend a week on adaptations and natural selection, but  I steer clear from discussing origins.

Online Classes at FundaFunda Academy

I will be teaching an online high school chemistry class at FundaFunda Academy for the 2023/2024 school year.

Concepts will be taught using a variety of methods  including lectures, videos, virtual and hands-on labs, interactive simulations, and textbooks.  Students will learn how they use chemistry in everyday life and learn to see the science all around them. For more information or to register, click here.

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Online Tutoring

We are excited to offer online virtual tutoring in math and science.

This service is not only for students. We are also happy to “Train the Teacher”, and help you brush up on any skills or topics in math and science so that you are better equipped to teach your students.

This year alone, I’ve tutored students in high school and college biology, high school, college, and Advanced Placement (AP) chemistry, and nursing school students.

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