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You can view a full listing of the lessons included here!

A list of lab supplies, available for purchase from Home Science Tools, can be viewed here. Some additional materials, viewable here, can be obtained from any local retailer.

After logging in to their account, the student chooses which lesson to complete.


For each lesson, the necessary materials as well as the directions for the lab are listed alongside the lab video.  A printable recording sheet is provided for the student to record any measurements or calculations.


The student will watch the video which includes a review of the relevant chemistry concepts covered in the lab as well as a demonstration of the experiment.  Students can decide whether to perform the experiments, or they can use my results to answer the lab questions and perform the calculations.


 For labs in which calculations are performed, sample calculations are shown as part of the lab video.  Additionally, an answer key is available for each lab so that the student can check his or her work.

The student may choose what labs to complete and in what order.  Even if a student decides not to perform every lab, the videos are still worth watching since they demonstrate practical applications to the chemistry the student is learning.

You are welcome to purchase lab supplies from whatever vendor you choose. Just be certain that if you are buying supplies elsewhere that the types and quantities of chemicals are the same as what is listed in the Home Science Tools lab kit.  Also, be sure that any beakers and test tubes are heat-resistant and that the thermometer measures in degrees Celsius to -20oC.

The course can be used to supplement any chemistry curriculum the student is already using. This lab course was designed to correspond to topics covered in a typical high school chemistry course.  The labs can be done in any order, so the student can watch the videos in the order that best matches their chemistry curriculum.

Upon purchase, the student has access to the course for one year (366 days)

Yes!  If you plan to use this course with a co-op class, please contact us so we can arrange group access and special pricing.

Lessons Included

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