Chemistry Lab Video Course

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4 reviews for Chemistry Lab Video Course

  1. Andrea Howard, O.D.

    I purchased Dr. Moon’s Chemistry Lab Video Course for use with my chemistry co-op class of seventeen students. The course feels tailor designed for us and integrates seamlessly with our text. The course is professionally produced. The labs are practical to perform in a co-op setting. They are appropriate for any high school level chemistry class, quantitative, rich in content, and engaging. There is strong emphasis on developing scientific reasoning skills. Explanations of concepts and calculations are thorough and clear. The lab supplies required to replicate experiments are affordable; an organized supply list is provided. Despite having a math/science/medical background myself, initial attempts at planning the lab portion of my co-op course were daunting. Finding Dr. Moon’s course relieved all anxiety! I’ve since viewed all included videos and am beyond excited to share them with my class!! I’m very impressed! Dr. Moon has been so helpful and responsive throughout the entire set-up process. I recommend her course without reservation! It’s a gem of a course. If you’re needing a chemistry lab option and you are not using this one, you are simply missing out! I’m so excited for lab days with my class! I’m confident my kids are going to love the course as much as I already do!

  2. Amy Sloan

    Dr. Moon’s enthusiasm for science comes through everything she does. She is able to take complex Chemistry concepts and break them down in simple ways. And since it can feel overwhelming to do labs on my own as a homeschool mom, I appreciate having access to these video labs! Highly recommend!

  3. Larissa Nash

    Dr. Moon’s experiments are so easy to follow and have really helped solidify the concepts we’re learning this year. Excellent course!

  4. Hannah Knick

    The Chemistry lab video course far exceeded my expectations. It is very well organized, making it easy to always have the right materials (experiment supplies, lab papers, websites, etc.) on hand. Each section begins with a professional video where Dr. Moon explains the scientific concept as well as demonstrates the experiment. The experiments included are well thought out. They actually work! This course has really helped deepen my daughter’s understanding of chemistry. I wouldn’t want to teach high school chemistry without it.

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