Learn what you can do to stop the spread of drug-resistant superbugs

Antibiotics: Know How to Use Them Before We Lose Them

We are running out of antibiotics. To be fair, plenty of antibiotics still exist—it’s just that they are no longer effective against bacteria.  Why? Due to the overuse (and misuse) of antibiotics, many bacteria have become resistant to available antibiotics. […]

Not only is bird-watching fun, it's also good for you! Learn the benefits of bird-watching and some of the best resources for identifying birds, both by sight and by sound, including one of the best FREE resources for identifying birds: Merlin Bird ID.

Why You Should Add Bird-Watching to Your Day

Mark your calendar! The Great Backyard Bird Count (GBBC) takes place next weekend (from Friday, 2/15- Monday, 2/18/2019).  In it’s 22nd year, the GBBC gathers information to understand the “big picture” of what’s happening to bird populations around the world. […]

Are viruses alive?

The Peculiar “Life” of a Virus

My son has the flu.  He is feverish and miserable.  His misery stems from the fact that the cells of his body have been commandeered by the influenza virus and turned into mini virus factories.  There’s not much we can … To Be or Not to Be: The Peculiar “Life” of a Virus Read More…

Investigating static electricity

Why Static Electricity Seems Worse During Winter

If you’re anything like me, you’ve likely experienced a few extra zaps as you go throughout your day. You reach for a doorknob, touch a TV screen, or even pet your beloved dog or cat and are rewarded with a … Why Static Electricity Seems Worse During Winter Read More »