High School Science Classes for Homeschoolers

I will be teaching FOUR online high school classes at True North Homeschool Academy for the 2023/2024 school year:

Biology (with optional honors track)

Chemistry (with optional honors track)

Anatomy and Physiology


This year, I am adding PHYSICS to round out my online science classes. You can find information about this class here: High School Physics

I will meet with students once a week for a live virtual class, and students complete projects, labs, and homework assignments during the week.

Student and parent testimonials

How I Handle Origins

In order to serve the largest population of students, I do my best to teach concepts from a neutral worldview.  In my True North Homeschool Academy biology class, we do spend a week on adaptations and natural selection, but  I steer clear from discussing origins.

Hi, I'm Kristin!

I share tools and resources to help you understand and teach science.

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