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Biology is the study of living things.
In this Biology Lab Video Course, students will apply the concepts they have learned in biology by watching and/or performing hands-on labs and activities.

In this course, students will explore a wide range of concepts including:

  • The design and use of microscopes
  • The unique properties of water
  • The organic macromolecules that make up living things
  • The factors that affect enzyme activity
  • The structure and function of the cell membrane
  • The reason cells are so small
  • How substances enter and exit the cell through osmosis and diffusion
  • The role of the plant cell wall in turgor pressure
  • Aerobic and anaerobic cellular respiration
  • The function of plant guard cells and stomata
  • The relationship between photosynthesis and cellular respiration
  • Cell division (mitosis and meiosis)
  • The structure and function of DNA
  • How DNA is expressed through transcription and translation
  • The downstream effects of DNA mutations
  • Transpiration and the plant vascular system
  • Genotype, phenotype, and observable genetic traits
  • Monohybrid and dihybrid crosses using Punnett Squares
  • The difference between probability and real-life outcomes
  • The genetics of human blood types
  • Natural selection
  • Using a dichotomous key
  • Bacterial growth and reproduction
  • The microscopic ecosystem of pond water
  • The structure and function of fungi
  • Reproduction in angiosperms (flowering plants)
  • Methods scientists use to estimate population size
  • Animal response to environmental stimuli
  • Invertebrate anatomy
  • Vertebrate anatomy

Each lesson contains printable instructions and recording sheet, a video review of the concepts used in the lab, a video demonstration of the lab, sample calculations (when applicable), and an answer key. Additional resources are supplied for many lessons if the student wishes to take learning further.

Students can complete the labs themselves, or simply watch the video labs and use the measurements and results from the videos to complete the recording sheet.

You can learn more about the course (including clips from the video lessons and answers to FAQs) here: Biology Lab Video Course

Lab Supplies

The labs in this course require lab equipment, chemicals, and other supplies including a beaker, test tubes, a digital mass scale, preserved dissection specimens, and other items. A list of lab supplies can be viewed below.

For your convenience,  a custom lab kit is available from Home Science Tools. This kit is customizable: order only the supplies you need for the labs your student plans to use. The custom lab kit can be found here (affiliate link*): KMS Science Biology Lab Kit

Disposable gloves, disposable plastic pipettes, and sterile swabs will be used throughout this course. These can be purchased through Home Science Tools, Amazon, and even locally through many drug stores. For your convenience, Amazon affiliate links are listed below:

Disposable gloves, sterile swabs, disposable plastic pipettes

Several of the experiments in this lab use Elodea, a living plant often used in aquariums. Elodea is listed as one of the materials on the custom kit from Home Science Tools. However, they supply much more elodea than you’ll need. You can often find elodea locally at pet stores or stores that sell aquarium materials. You can also find smaller quantities of elodea at Amazon.

7 of the labs in this course require a microscope. For those students without access to a microscope, I will provide pictures and videos taken with my microscope of my own results. Students can use my results to complete the recording sheet.

If a student wishes to purchase a microscope, I have included 2 of my favorites below (affiliate links*)

Home Advanced LED Microscope from Home Science Tools

BEBANG 100X-100X Home Microscope with Phone Adaptor from Amazon

In addition, common household items (such as salt, sugar, vinegar, a raw egg in its shell) are needed. A full list of household items required can be found below:

This is a digital course.  No items will be shipped.

This course is meant to be used by a single student (or siblings within a single household). If you’d like to use this course in a classroom/co-op setting, please contact us to discuss group pricing.

Upon purchase, the student has access to the material within the course for one year (366 days).

All sales on digital resources are final and nonrefundable.  Please read the description carefully and email us with questions before purchasing.

*As an affiliate for Home Science Tools, I earn from qualifying purchases that you make using my affiliate links without affecting your cost in any way.

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