DNA: The Alphabet of Life

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A self-paced, online course all about DNA: a tiny molecule with a big role in every living thing on the planet.  Informative videos, simulations, and hands-on activities help make the topics interesting and relevant. Periodic quizzes (fact checks) will test students’ understanding before moving forward. Directions for labs (which can each be performed using household materials) are included..  Enrolled students have access to the course materials for one year (366 days).


DNA — just about everyone has heard of it.

Most people know it can be used to solve crimes or determine paternity.

Many commercial testing kits are available which offer the ability to trace ancestry or predict the risk of developing certain illnesses.

But few have a true understanding of this amazing molecule or the fundamental role it plays in all life on the planet.

In this course, students will learn:

  • the chemical structure of DNA
  • the mind-boggling amount of DNA humans have in a single cell (and even more amazing, how much DNA is contained in the human body)
  • base-pairing rules
  • how the information within chromosomes is grouped into genes
  • the difference between RNA and DNA
  • how genes are copied into messenger RNA (mRNA) during transcription
  • how mRNA is translated into protein during translation
  • how to use a codon chart and codon wheel
  • the semi-conservative nature of DNA replication
  • the 3 major types of mutations that take place during DNA replication and their downstream effects
  • the role of DNA mutations in sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and Tay-Sachs disease
  • cell division (mitosis) and the cell cycle
  • the role of gene mutations in cancer

Periodic quizzes (fact checks) will test students’ understanding before moving forward.  Informative videos, simulations, and hands-on activities help make the topics interesting and relevant. Directions for 2 labs are included which can each be performed using household materials.

As with all Kristin Moon Science courses, students move through the material at their own pace. Note:  This course is also offered as part of a discounted-price bundle.  Find it here:  Complete DNA and Genetics Course Bundle You can learn more about this course here:  Self-paced, Online Courses for Homeschool Science   This is a digital course.  No items will be shipped. Upon purchase, the student has access to the material within the course for one year (366 days). All sales on digital resources are final and nonrefundable.  Please read the description carefully and email us with questions before purchasing.  

2 reviews for DNA: The Alphabet of Life

  1. praise2christ

    I learned so much through this course! The information offered in the text was challenging, yet presented in a way that was well-organized and easy to understand, while the videos and activities added to my comprehension. The section on DNA mutations was particularly interesting to me due to my family’s medical history.

  2. penguin

    My 12-year-old took this class, and he learned a lot. The vocabulary was most challenging for him, which I was glad to hear. He enjoyed the labs, and I was pleased to see he had a good foundation when we have had other opportunities to participate in genetics activities on field trips. He has a good understanding of Punnet squares and was able to have that discussion with high school and college students. He also enjoyed the Codon Wheel. I would highly recommend this class for anyone looking for a lab science.

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