Complete DNA and Genetics Course Bundle

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This course bundle teaches the basics of DNA structure and function, how genes are expressed through transcription and translation, and how DNA mutations occur and their downstream effects.  Students will discover how cellular DNA is manifested as observable traits and will understand the different modes of inheritance (including Mendelian and non-Mendelian patterns of heredity).  This bundle contains multiple hands-on labs and activities.  Periodic quizzes ensure that students understand the content before progressing through the course.

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This course bundle contains all the material from both DNA: The Alphabet of Life and Genetics and Heredity.  The price includes access to the courses in this bundle for one year (366 days).

DNA: The Alphabet of Life self-paced online course

In DNA: The Alphabet of Life , students will learn:

  • the chemical structure of DNA
  • the mind-boggling amount of DNA humans have in a single cell (and even more amazing, how much DNA is contained in the human body)
  • base-pairing rules
  • how the information within chromosomes is grouped into genes
  • the difference between RNA and DNA
  • how genes are copied into messenger RNA (mRNA) during transcription
  • how mRNA is translated into protein during translation
  • how to use a codon chart and codon wheel
  • the semi-conservative nature of DNA replication
  • the 3 major types of mutations that take place during DNA replication and their downstream effects
  • the role of DNA mutations in sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis, and Tay-Sachs disease
  • cell division (mitosis) and the cell cycle
  • the role of gene mutations in cancer


Genetics and Heredity self paced online course


In Genetics and Heredity, students will learn how cellular DNA is expressed as observable traits.  Students will learn:

  • how DNA is packaged into homologous chromosomes
  • that many genes come in different “flavors” called alleles
  • how some alleles are dominant and others are recessive
  • the important distinction between genotype and phenotype
  • the difference between homozygous, heterozygous, and hemizygous genotypes
  • the work done by Gregor Mendel and the principles of Mendelian Inheritance
  • the laws of segregation and independent assortment
  • all about meiosis, crossing over, gametogenesis, and the importance of genetic diversity
  • how to use Punnett Squares to predict the outcome of monohybrid and dihybrid crosses
  • the distinction between probability and real life when it comes to Punnett Squares
  • patterns of non-Mendelian inheritance including sex-linked traits, codominance, incomplete dominance, the inheritance of mitochondrial DNA, and polygenic traits
  • how to construct (and read) a pedigree
  • the genetics of human blood types
  • how nondisjunction occurs


Videos, simulations, hands-on activities, and real-life examples bring the material to life.  Periodic quizzes ensure that the material has been mastered before moving forward in the course.


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1 review for Complete DNA and Genetics Course Bundle

  1. praise2christ

    As a person who struggles with science, I was amazed at how much I learned through this course! The concepts were presented in a logical manner and each one built on the information already shared. The videos helped me to understand concepts and reinforced what I learned through the text. Taking this course sparked an interest in the field of genetics and I found myself reading articles on different aspects of this field and able to understand and relate the ideas that were being presented. I highly recommend this course!

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